• Current mint phase is GROUP ONLY. You must hold a token from one of the registered groups to mint. If you hold the token in a cold wallet and want to mint from a hot wallet, we support Delegate Cash wallet delegation to mint on behalf of a token held in a cold wallet.
  • Current mint cost is 0ETH (free)
  • Visit in a browser with your wallet extension or the wallet in-app browser on your mobile device
  • Click the "CONNECT" button to start
  • Click the "MINT" link in the navigation bar
  • Check the box next to "JOIN A GROUP"
  • Select the group you wish to join from the drop down box
  • If you are using a hot wallet to join a group for a token held in a cold wallet, check the "USE A DELEGATE" checkbox and paste your cold wallet address in the box that appears. See Using DELEGATE.CASH for more information.
  • Click "MINT"
  • Confirm the transaction in your wallet
  • After your token is minted, you will see a new menu item for "MY TOKENS" - this will be where the event is played when it starts. You will select a token to see its stats, make your daily choices, and see your journal entries from actions that you have taken.