Introduction to Gutter Punks

Welcome to The Gutter!

Gutter Punks are a collection of 9,999 NFTs drawn by Darlene Pizarro and built on innovation.
In addition to the primary collection, we have airdropped holders rewards of five unique derivative sets, music NFTs, and 3D assets. We have developed an airdrop technology that sets a new standard for gas-efficiency and makes airdrops affordable for projects of any size, a system for minting that auto-reveals at time of mint while protecting against people looking ahead at unminted items, and a rarity site that shows true rarity before minting out. The skateboards collection introduced a deflationary burn mechanism to Gutter Punks with the ability to trade any punk for a new 3D asset.
Since launching we have invested into 1/1 artists - buying art and providing them a platform to feature their art - and purchased land in The Otherside to build a space for punks to come together in the metaverse. Gutter Punks have joined the omnichain - becoming the first collection that launched on a single-chain to make the leap.
In October 2022, Gutter Punks will be hosting an interactive, cross-community zombie apocalypse on the blockchain through an event called Dead Will Rise. More here.
These documents will delve deeper into our art, technology and plans for the future.
Last modified 1yr ago